Giving Importance to Eye Care

Every human being is created with only one set of eyes and so taking care of this is incredibly important. The concept of proper eye care eliminates the issue of common visual problems. For some individuals who are diagnosed with poor eyesight, doctors would require them to wear glasses for the rest of their lives. If you are required by your doctor to use correctional eyeglass or graded glasses, there is still a possibility that your vision can improve. It is just a matter of complying with additional medications that your doctor would prescribe.

Proper eye care is what makes our vision function healthily. This goes to show that taking care of the eyes is every person’s responsibility. One important reason is the prevention of serious eye diseases such as cataracts, dry eyes syndrome, glaucoma and conjunctivitis. Eye problems can also be caused by genetic factors that are why appropriate care should be practiced at an early age.

AgedEyeCareThere are protective measures that can be done in order to prevent oneself from acquiring an eye disease. Here are simple preventive methods:

  • Acquire an annual eye examination.
  • Allow your children to watch TV or play with their gadgets for just a short period of time
  • Always keep your eyes protected from the sun by wearing visors or sun glasses.
  • Take breaks when working with a computer.
  • Avoid rubbing, scratching or touching the eyes in case irritation is experienced.
  • Keep your eyes moisturized by using over-the-counter eye drops.
  • Consult with a doctor in the case of constant headache.

With today’s advanced eye care technology, there are different invasive and noninvasive methods that help patients in improving their vision. For patients who are suffering from far sightedness, astigmatism and myopia, a procedure called orthokeratology is used. This new method of eye treatment is likewise known as Ortho-K, CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) or Overnight Vision Correction. Orthokeratology is carried out by means of requiring the patient to wear permeable or penetrable contact lenses. This is to reform the cornea allowing it to refract common eye problems such as those mentioned earlier. The Ortho-K is a substitute for eyeglasses and because it is more convenient, the price is quite higher than regular graded glasses.

It is important to note that eyes is the considered the most important organ among the five senses. At the onset of experiencing any problem in your vision, seeing a doctor is the best thing to do. Don’t take any eye problem for granted because this can possibly lead to more serious health problems.

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